portraits are a great way to express yourself and tap into your creative side!
i have experience planning themed photoshoots, but i also love working together to produce images that simply capture you in your most honest and nuanced form.
i would love to work with you to make a vision come to life, to put a face to a business, to empower you, to record this moment in your life, or to join you on a new endeavor. please note that my goal is for you to feel safe, included, and welcome in my presence, regardless of your identity. if you need accommodations, or if you are part of the LGBTQ+ or BIPOC communities, please do not hesitate to reach out for any reason––i may even have a discount available to you! above all else, i take joy in the relationships i form with my clients and peers, and i value opportunities where i can grow as an individual and as an artist.
if you are interested in working together (or if you'd just like to be friends!), please fill out my contact form linked below, or feel free to get in touch on social media!​​​​​​​
view my portfolio below:
kodee  |  june 2021
anastasia  |  april 2021
jackson  |  april 2021
sophia  |  april 2021
angelica  |  february 2021
sisters rachel & stephanie  |  december 2020
"euphoria" themed shoot with sophia  |  december 2020
cara orbell  |  november 2020

allyson white  |  september 2020

andrew schaut  |  2019 - 2021

olivia helbach | august 2020

emily omernik | august 2020

kodee zarnke | january 2020

ursa anderson | december 2019

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